Wednesday, 15 October 2008

On to appliqué

The second part of the of my C&G module 5 stitch sample collection is concerned with appliqué.
In the first part we had to look at constructing samples using traditional techniques in both 'hard' and 'soft' edges. In other words neatening edges or leaving them frayed.

In these first 2 I've used both hand and machine finishes and continued to use the African colour pallet.

This next sample is one of the 'soft edge' attempts, I won't put up the first one I tried as it's not very pleasing. I did find this part of the exercise much harder than the hard edge.

The next couple of samples were inspired by the architectural grid work on the top of Brighton Pavilion.

This one has a computer printed cotton BG with FME'd pieces of a silk scarf I found impaled on a bush one day when out for a country walk.

In this one I used some lovely fine Indian cottons that I just bonded to the BG with Misty Fuse as in the previous sample.

This last sample is an example of reverse appliqué. I wasn't looking forward to doing this at all, but once I'd discoverd the method wasn't as frightening as I thought I found it quite exciting to see what was revealed. Next time though I think I will pay more attention to the design before I start cutting!

Blogger is playing all sorts of jokes on me tonight so sorry for the scrappy uploading!


Jacquelines blog said...

It really looks African. I love it! Especially the top two pictures.These are really "earth" colours.

Françoise said...

I like the first one very much. But the "soft edge" one is great too.

Julie said...

The African colours are beautiful and I really like the soft piece too.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Keep up the good work - I'm sure your target to finish the course will be met.

Debbi Baker said...

Well I like them all! Love reading about which styles you are most comfortable with - it is good to push our boundaries though and I think you are doing really well with that!!

Becky Vigor said...

My favourites are the soft edges and the reverse applique, of which I'd never heard before. Love the colours, so appropriate for the season.

hippopip said...

Great work Sharon,the colours are lovely.

Homeleightigger said...

Wow Sharon! You are still on a roll - they all look really fab.