Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Digging for victory

Yes, for those of you who think I just lurk on the allotment plot, and you know who you are :-) I have been digging today, lots of digging in fact.

It doesn't look much but I finished the last of the four raised beds, planted my four lavender plants, 3 artichokes, lovage seeds, camomile seeds, black peppermint and sunflower seeds. 

I also levelled the area around my beds, which took a lot of digging and raking, but I'm getting there.

In the top of the pic you can see some ideas for a brick path, (it won't be 2 bricks deep) I haven't levelled that bit yet, just wanted to see if a pebble path across the top of my area would match up.

Phew! After all that activity I needed a lie down in a darkened room, followed by a bit of light sketching, which turned into a marathon.

This was one of a collection of shells I brought home from Littlehampton and what a challenge. When I first tried these, about a year ago I thought, 'if I can draw them, I can draw anything!' Hmm, still trying.

So had another go tonight  with a slightly different one and after a whole page I managed to get somewhere near to what I was looking for. I used a thick graphite stick for 7 and it seems to have loosened up my approach. I used to be a big fan of charcoal for the same reason, but it makes too much mess these days.


Heather said...

The allotment raised beds are coming on a treat. Things actually growing at last after all the snow, frost and rain. I love your shell drawings - I had a struggle just trying to draw a snail!

Fran├žoise said...

Yes, I like your drawings too. Your raised boxes look beautiful. I want one like that, just one, in my garden also!

Gina said...

The sketches look good!

Mike Young ARPS said...

Dear wife, they are cracking sketches and your raised beds are a credit to the any spare soil ???? :-P

Thimble Fingers said...

Great sketches, I do like the loose approach of number 7, very arty.
Good luck with the raised beds, can't wait to see the produce you get from them.