Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Glad rags and posh dining

Last night my eldest daughter Pru and I went out for a bit of a jolly. We were heading for our local library that was hosting a World Book night.

What I didn't know was that Pru had a lovely surprise in store for me, she had booked a table at one the famous Loch Fyne restaurants. What a treat, I'd heard of the name of course but didn't know much about the food, other than that they specialise in delicious fish dishes.

So here I am enjoying my starter of crab paste and toast......mmm! It was certainly nothing like the well known brand of potted crab paste us older bloggers will remember from our school sandwiches!

We followed that with salmon fish cakes with fried new potatoes and salad and then, shock horror! pudding as well.

A chocolate Torte for Pru and a wonderful pomegranate cheese cake for me, fabulous.

We were so full up it was as much as we could do to walk up the hill to the library, where we were treated to a wonderful dramatic reading from stories about James Herriot, read and acted by two very funny and talented gentlemen.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening :-)

And because I've just had another exhausting day digging on the plot I thought  I'd show you the results of my efforts.

My final raised bed for the sweet peas over the back and you can just see my efforts in straightening a downhill slope on the right of the bed.

That's my neighbour's summerhouse in the background.

And this is one piece of 5 decking planks that we were given yesterday, which I hope I will have more news about tomorrow.



Heather said...

What a lovely evening Sharon, and you worked all those calories off on the allotment the next day! Each time you show us a photo of it, it looks a little more developed and settled. By the summer it will look like a real grown-up allotment.

Mike Young ARPS said...

You deserved a nice girly night out after all that hard work on the lottie, well done, its looking great