Thursday, 25 April 2013


We have a summerhouse for our allotment!

As some of you will know who've been following our allotment progress, we've been looking for a summerhouse to complement our lovely plots for several months now, and here she is.

She needs a bit TLC, but she has a lovely personality and just wants a loving home.

The dismantling process was a bit traumatic for her, but I think she trusts us already and knows that we will love her to bits in her new home.

This was a scary moment for met too, I had visions of my DH pitching through the roof  and subsequently requiring lengthy hospital treatment!

A view of the diamond shaped windows I fell in love with, and the ivy that's been growing inside, to say nothing of the chickens that lived here once, scandalous!

Nearly there...... 

One more side to go

Now she's all ready to come to her new home tomorrow, we can't wait :-)



Heather said...

I know the summerhouse will look lovely in it's new surroundings. It's a good size and lovely that your are recycling/rescuing it. What fun you will have making it cosy and comfortable, not to mention pretty. Looking forward to the pics.

Hannah said...

Wow - it looks in much better condition than I thought! Can't wait to see it in situ :)