Thursday, 4 April 2013

Family to the rescue

Just when I thought I'd go completely mad with this dreadful cold weather which is stopping us from doing our geriatric nomad wanderings, our wonderful family came to the rescue.

We had a lovely meet on Easter Monday at our daughter Hannah's house and once again we all took something for lunch and ended up with a veritable feast of homemade fare.

After we'd demolished all of the savoury delights it was time for the children to disappear  to various parts of the house and let the grownups have a nice quiet cupa and enjoy first dibs on the cakes. 

Hannah had also made all her children these wonderful Easter eggs and name plates, looks like one little person had already demolished hers as I can only see 5 here.

So thank you to all family members for breaking the monotony of the bad weather

On Tuesday we did get some sunshine and our grandson Ben came down to the allotment to give some much needed help with the digging.....

Not without instruction from the foreman of course

And there was the incentive of gingernuts and tea, naturally

Then yesterday the weather closed in again, so more doom and gloom, but help was at hand today in the guise of our daughter Pru and her youngest son, who whisked me off for a bit of girly time and treats.

We started off with cake, well we would, wouldn't we. We have a lovely cup cake shop in town so all three of us sampled a different one each, I think Pru had a Clark Gable, Rowan had an engagement cake with a nice diamond style ring in the top. He was very coy but I think he wanted to give it to his girlfriend, and I had something that sounded like an ice cream and was delicious.

And then it was time for shopping and roses and I wasn't allowed to pay for anything.

Such a beautiful fresh feeling of summer

.......and these lovely cardigans, perfect for the heatwave that's just around the corner.

So I feel so much better now, despite the fact that it's been snowing all afternoon, thank you all so much. 


Heather said...

I love those family get togethers when everyone brings a plate of something. The weather is so disheartening but each time you post a picture of your allotment it looks a bit further forward than the last. We had a glorious day yesterday but sideways snow flurries all morning today. Luckily it hasn't settled. So looking forward to moaning about being too hot!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Sharon
Amazed at how Ben has grown. I remember him machining in your shed. How time flies.
The allotment is coming along.
I am getting as much textile work as posiible done while the weather is so bad.
You neverk know Spring could just spring up on us!!!