Sunday, 5 May 2013

Long walks and sea air

We've had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, good food, fresh air and sunshine, what more could you want.

We had a brilliant day with our friend Carrol in Bristol, a great lunch, bit of light shopping, much chat about gardens and families, all added up to a great day. We were so busy enjoying ourselves I forgot to take any pics, will do next time when you've revamped the garden, Carrol.

Then it was off to visit our son and family in Cardiff. Saturday's full English breakfast was followed up by a long walk to the other side of Cardiff to see their new house to be.

We passed through an enormous graveyard, with some lovely spring flowers.

And blossom, everything seems to be flowering at once.

And then it was off to the swings, for our grandson to have a lovely time.

Or not, don't think he's as impressed with the idea as Mum and Dad.

The walk was worth it as their new home looks fabulous, can't wait for them to move in.

Once again thanks to all of you for giving us such a lovley stay, more good food, wine and conversation.

We moved on today to Bury Port where we've had a beautiful sunny afernoon by the sea.

What a great place to chill out and have lunch and dinner with a view.

And of course I couldn't let the opportunity pass without taking some texture shots as well as collecting shells and ironwork (will reveal that when it's cleaned up).

Don't know where we'll be tomorrow, maybe back home or where the wind blows us........


Heather said...

It's being the perfect Bank Holiday weekend weatherwise - pity it won't hold for the rest of the week. Lovely textures and gorgeous views. Enjoy tomorrow.

Jacquelines blog said...

Beautiful pictures...I am still hoping you will come over
here some day