Thursday, 23 May 2013

Swansea City:The Fall and Rise

I just wanted to share a proud moment with you.

Last night we watched a wonderful documentary on BBC Wales which is now showing here on iPlayer for the next five days, if you want to watch a truly inspirational program.

It tells the remarkable story of the journey of Swansea City football club from imminent closure to winning the League cup. It is a beautifully made documentary, and had me on the edge of my seat with  a lump in my throat (and I know nothing about football), but I found myself willing this courageous club on to win, despite all the setbacks.

Our son, Dan, edited the documentary and had previously filled us in with details of the way they worked the story telling. They paid so much attention to small details, which has paid off in full, it's an amazing achievement, very well done to all the team.

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Heather said...

Dan must be a skilled editor to have caught the imagination of a confessed non-football fan. You must be very proud of his achievement.