Saturday, 18 May 2013

Too busy to retire

I've had a such a busy week I'm beginning to wonder how I had time to work, a familiar refrain I'm sure, but as you can imagine, with this slight upturn in the weather, there's been lots of activity on our allotment plots.

Not least the arrival of this beautiful bureau that my daughter Pru gave me as an early birthday present.

And look at these lovely compartments and a drawer.

Just perfect for that book I've always wanted to write.

So needless to say the race is on to wash the floor ( and get rid of all the remnants of chicken poo), can't have my beautiful bureau getting contaminated. Then there's the painting of the furniture.

Remember this, it was left by the previous tenant, now it's ready for new cushions.

And my daughter Nicola's old school desk on the left , and look what I found on the underneath. 

BTW the summerhouse hasn't got chickenpox, my DH said I had to paint each wood knot with a stain covering paint before I paint the walls. I thought it was one of those jokes when you send the apprentice to the shop to get a pound of rubber nails, apparently not....

And then there was another early birthday present from my DH, theses lovely plants and grit to make an alpine garden, another thing on my bucket list, it looks so beautiful.....

......sitting in front of our summerhouse in her new colours.

I had a lovely little visitor for a few hours on Thursday who kept me amused with lots of activity and cuddles, I can't wait for the next time I get to dog sit.


Heather said...

You've certainly been busy. Your summerhouse is already looking good and by the time you have finished with it, it will be a little palace. I love your bureau with all it's little compartments.

Julie said...

Your summer house is going to be a little palace and the bureau is beautiful. I shall be waiting to see the book :-) Very sweet to find your daughter's little message.

karen said...

oh I love your summer house!! I covet your summer house....I am are so lucky.