Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend treat

I've just had a wonderful  weekend with my 3 daughters on a super girls get together, kindly hosted by Nicola.

As usual there was good food wine and conversation, and this is my foody contribution, made earlier with a special one for my DH, left home alone..... his is on the right by the way.

Quiche Lorraine

Rock buns, which when offered to my little grandson, he asked, do they have sand in them, well you would wouldn't you.

We had a great time attempting to crochet a small mouse with lessons from Hannah, and someone, you know who you are, said to the above little grandson that Nanny would have the mouse finished by morning.....

A somewhat ambitious task considering I don't crochet very well and by the time we'd demolished our lovely spread of goodies and wine I was certain the mouse would never be finished, and I would have failed him..... But Hannah and Pru battled on with the crochet and I finally sewed him together, voila! 

And someone was very pleased indeed.

And the mouse shared a hearty breakfast of a sandy rock bun.

After all that excitement we were up early and off to the car boot, where I got some amazing  bargains for our summerhouse.

Actually the slipper socks are for me..... I bought all these wonderful goodies for £3.0!

And these little treasures were ones I found in a charity shop a while back but never got round to post them.

Lastly I received a wonderful early birthday present from Pru which has now been installed in the summerhouse and I'll reveal all when I've got the photos, suffice to say I'm delighted. 

So thank you girls for such a lovely weekend and special thanks to Nicola for being the hostess with the mostest.

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Heather said...

Your girls' get-togethers sound fun - love the mouse! What a good eye you have for spotting bargains. Your summerhouse is going to be the smartest one for miles, and if this weather keeps up you'll be glad of those slipper socks!