Monday, 7 January 2008

Hayling Island

Yesterday we decided to take a much needed breath of fresh air after all the overeating and lounging about watching TV, that was so exhausting over Christmas.

We decided to go to Hayling Island, which is the nearest seaside resort to where we live, about 50 minutes away. To those who don't know it, there's not a lot there apart from a small fun fair, which is closed in the winter, thank goodness!!
The sea is often quite rough there and as such it is a well used spot for surfers and whatever it is they do with Kites and surfboards, which looks amazing when you see them leap up in the air with a particularly good lift.

I thought it would be a good place to go for my colour studies, but I think all the regulars must have been stuffed full of Chrismas turkey still and were afraid they might sink!!!

I did just catch sight of a car on the way home with a surf board on one side of the roof and a Christmas tree on the other, the mind boggles! Maybe he was going to bury the tree at sea to thank it for it's services over Christmas!

Anyway, all was not lost as I spotted these lovely beach huts and thought what a great example of contrasting colour values they were, with all those different colours sitting side by side. Then I saw the Dolphin and that just made my visit.

After visiting Vivien's blog recently I was inspired to make a short video of the waves so I could remember the sound and use it as tool to help me create an abstract painting. It didn't work quite as I planned as it sounds more like a jet engine!!

On the way home my OH wanted to stop by the Hayling Island bridge to see if he could get some pics of the wading birds there. A perfect opportunity to make a sketch of this area, as another memory jogger , and also as I've always been fascinated by the strange harbour gate that sits unused across this stretch of water.

So it turned into a surprisingly good creative day, especially as the sun came out for most of it! All I have to do now is get up the courage to have a go at abstract painting. Vivien's latest post is showing how she starts her pieces and is a rare insight into the thinking that goes on behind the scenes, well worth a visit.


Karen Hall said...

Your sketch is dleightful
Warm regards

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You had a good day - my trip out was more mundane - essential groceries.
Those huts should be a good source for both colour and pattern.
Re my blog - yes well spotted - it is polystyrene - works brilliantly for stamps and its free - packaging.

Helen Suzanne said...

love those sheds Sharon. would playing with cropping those pics lead you in to some abstract compositions? Well done on all your creative day and your sketching :)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sharon - Just caught up on your last several posts - I love visiting your blog!! Very inspiring and always a creative edge!

Karen Hall said...

Hi Sharon
Me again
I have passed on to you a
"You Make My Day" award
details on my blog
Warm Regards

Becky Vigor said...

We used to go there several times each summer when I was a child and lived in the South. It was a shame they put all that shingle down, I remember our first disappointed visit post-shingle. It had been so lovely and sandy before.

What fantastic beach hut photos! I love all those vibrant colours.