Saturday, 12 January 2008

Mood board

Continuing the Colour Studies theme, in the next exercise we have been asked to design a mood board, which should 'capture and convey the essence or mood of the subject or theme.'

After much deliberation, usually as I'm trying to get to sleep, I managed to pin down the subject matter for this exercise to 7 possibilities.

Whitby, because we had a great holiday there last year and I've fallen in love with it!
Family, for obvious reasons.
Childhood, for no apparent reason.
The seaside, because I just love to be near the sea, it's so infinite and always puts everything in perspective.
Freindship, I suppose because all this blogging has really brought it home to me just how wonderful friendship is.
Provence, beacause I've had some of my most favourite holidays there both as a child and with my OH and our children.
Happiness, beacuse it feels so great when you are happy.

I finally decided that out of this seven the choice had to be Provence, because at the end of the day this is a colour exercise and of all the things that make it special, I think it has always been the beautiful colours that are everywhere you look in the region. From the rich brown earth to the 'unreal' blue sky.

Also, by way of a decider I have the 'Tricia Guild on Colour' book and a lot of her colour schemes are based around the Mediterranean colours. It is a superb colour reference for any kind of creative project, the photos are brilliant.
I really enjoyed making this colour board and hope it will inspire me for future projects.


Susan D said...

Your colour boards are so rich and vibrant. I can see they will come in useful one day.

Ro Bruhn said...

This is a work of art in it's own right, just beautiful. Somerset Studio are looking for submissions for their subject 'Provence', this would certainly fit the bill.

Purple Missus said...

And I've enjoyed looking at them. You've put these boards together really well Sharon, and having just read Ro Bruhn's comment - I would say go for it :)

Dan said...

Really nice mood boards. Lovely to see some bright Provencale colours on such a grey Sunday morning.

Julie said...

The images of your board are beautiful Sharon. I love all the "bits and pieces", the hearts and the shell and the colours of the fabrics. I agree with Lynda and Ro, Go for it, Girl!! :)) xx

Aussie Jo said...

This is a wonderful joyful collection of textures and colours. Great job!!