Sunday, 20 January 2008

Outside at last!

At last we managed to find a window in the weather today and took the opportunity to go to a local Arboretum. It's called Winkworth and is on the outskirts of Godalmimg, Surrey.

It's a large area that comprises of a lake and long tree lined walks with all sorts of lovely specimen trees. We were delighted to see drifts of daffodils all over the place. It seemed very early to me, but then I'm no gardener! There were quite a few other flowers bravely sproting their blooms, including this lovely primrose, which is one of my most favourite flowes.

I couldn't resist taking a closer look at the bark on the log in front of the daffs as there were some wonderful textures in there.
They'll definitely need further investigation, this one reminds me of a drawing, and the one below it could be the start of a textile collage.

On our way back to the car park I noticed these tiny fungi on on a tree stump and thought the convoluted pattern was just gorgeous.

The final shots of the day were of some beautiful decorative birch trees, ( don't know the variety) that had the most gorgeous pink and green bark.

This last shot's not mine, they were all blurred! No tripod!!

Part of the purpose of this photographic extavaganza was to test drive my OH's Nikon D200, as a result of an email conversation with Shirley, who's recently traded up to one of these 'all singing, all dancing cameras'. Mine is a humble D50, which I spend my entire life complaining about and giving my poor OH greif over because I can't make it take good pics of my work!!!

But! Now I have an even bigger problem because my OH's D200 is rather good, (well very good) and as he'd like to trade up for another D300, so I could buy his old one , it's back to decision time again! More textile supplies or tighten the belt and go for a new camera!!
What to do? Thanks Shirley


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Can't help it but 'I told you so' -
I've commandeered my husband's D200 so what's the problem? That's why we are thinking of another one or a D300 - then which one will I want to use????
If the results with the D50 is you and not the camera my OH says swap him!!!!
Sorry - we are cracking lots of jokes here over this.
Onto a creative theme - there are some fab photos here with great potential especially the fungi. You must do something with that.

We have an arboretum not far from us and we go there regularly - maybe time for another visit. We usually go in the autumn.
There was a documentary on TV today about Wensleydale and again not too far for us - my OH is hankering to go up there again after seeing it.
Can't help with your decision - ask yourself 2 questions - do I have plenty of textile supplies for the time being ( is it I would like more as we all would rather than need more) and how much will I use the camera?
Sorry again about the dilemma I've caused.

chrissythreads said...

Good grief I can't believe the daffodils! We went for the usual dog walk today and all I came across were a few catkins and a lot of mud! I know we are a bit further north than you but not that much , still at least its a sign that spring is closer than we think.

Helen Suzanne said...

These bark and fungi are wonderful shots. It will be long while before the daffs are out up here but you're drawing me to go wood walking soon.

Helen Suzanne said...

just thought I'd add... tell your OH that web world people think he might just like to give you the camera if he's going to up-grade anyway :P

Julie said...

The photos are beautiful Sharon, especially the fungi. My DH does all his photography with a D50. I think I agree with Helen's last comment! ;)) I think you can get daffs early there are several/many species.

Doreen G said...

What great photos Sharon---love the Fungi one--I can see you creating lots from these---Can't help with the camers--my DH doesn't even know how to use our camera--he's a point and click man and is forever moaning about the amount of time I take when taking photos.

Pat said...

The fungi is good but I absolutely love the birch, wonderful colours. We were in Surrey on Saturday and I was amazed by the daffodils.

Purple Missus said...

Go for the new camera - you have plenty of supplies to keep you going :))
You're obviously not happy with your old one and from a purely selfish point - just think of all the wonderful photos you are going to share with us *LOL*

Jacquelines blog said...

What a great pictures Sharon, very inspiring!

sharon young said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all your input into my typically abysmal decision making!! It was very helpful , as a result,
'We have 'lift off' LOL. I decided it had to be done, my kit is up for sale!!
I agree with you Helen and if my OH was 'a rich man' he would gladly have given it to me, he gave me my most favourite non digital Nikon, which was a fantastic camera. But the D300 is a pro job and commands a price tag to match, so I'm afraid he needs my contribution.

sandra wyman said...

Great decision - you already take inspirational photographs - think of how much more you'll be able to do!

Ro Bruhn said...

Oh how I love the daffodils, my favourite flower, they grow so well in England, we have them here too but they don't seem to last very long and are shy flowerers. I love the primroses and cowslips and snow drops, I'm getting home sick just looking at your photos.