Thursday, 10 January 2008

You make my day award

I was delighted to find that both Julie and Karen have given me the 'You make my day' ward. I was very surprised and honoured to get it as I've not been blogging that long, and thank you both for your lovely remarks and continued support on my blog, it is much appreciated. As are all the comments I receive, it's given me more pleasure and encouragement than you can possibly imagine.

Now! the rules of this award are apparently as follows:

“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on.

So here goes:

The first person I'd like to give the award to is Julie herself, which is probably not the point of the thing, but she truely does make my day, with her delightfully varied blog, she also knows what a 'muppet' I am when it comes to anything that masquerades as a soft toy, but of course is really a disguised human.
Then there's Debbie who's been around for me on so many occasions when I've got some sort of problem or other and of course runs a really varied and exciting blog, and is one very tallneted lady.
Shirley has been a mine of information for me , and nothing is ever too much trouble when it come to explanations and help with the endless things I know nothing about ! She also has a fantastic blog and is a frighteningly prolific worker.
As far as sharing knowledge and offering free tutorials is concerned few could surpass Lynda's generosity.
Then there's Helen who's wonderful intuitive turn of phrase can so easilly make sense of the knottier issues that some of us seem to get stuck with, to say nothing of her wonderful tallents in seemingly endless directions.
I would also like to give this award to Karen as we have only recently been regularly blogging but she has been very supportive, and I am very grateful and am learning slowly about unfamiliar artistic areas from her lovely blog.
Jacqueline is a constant source of inspiration to me and often makes me silently exclaim "WOW'! when I visit her blog as her work is so different and beautiful!
I have made so many new friends on the Calendar Girl's group, it would be nice to make the award to them too, so I'll do that collectively.
Also although he hasn't got a blog I couldn't possibly not include the one person in my life who makes my day every day, my
Thank you to all who contribute their comments to my blog, it is very much appreciated.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Thanks for the much appreciated nomination. I am always glad to help and encourage those who participate in this fabulous art form. Blogging has been brilliant as now I know there are others out there just like me.
Hope your cut is healing.

Doreen G said...

Congrats Sharon----you have written this up well-explaining why you have nominated each person and not just putting their names up.

Julie said...

Thank you Sharon for your comments here about my blog. You are a lovely lady and a very supportive blogger and I'm delighted to know you. :)
Sorry, Doreen, I am guilty of not putting the full reasons for my choices when I gave my awards. Oops!

Purple Missus said...

Thank you Sharon - I am flattered. You certainly deserve the award. Your blog is always very well documented and above all, interesting. Blogland wouldn't be the same without you :))

Helen Suzanne said...

I concur :)with all the comments. Thank you Sharon. I'm quite intrigued by your reason and very flattered. Of course I have to return the compliment to yourself as I so look forward to communication from you and thoroughly enjoy reading about all your escapades :)

sharon young said...

Hi Helen
Maybe I can clarify my reasons for awarding you the YMMD, and any others that might read this post, by referring to your statement on the Jan 'Take it further post" post
where you so eloquently describe what it is you admire in those people who have truly admirable qualities. It is a beautifully written post and highly thought provoking.
You also gave us much to think about on the discussion I set up on the FAMM group about how each of us approaches the process of creating our artwork, and I know I'm only one among many who benefited from your sound wisdom, and common sense approach to this often frightening and haphazard process.

Karen Hall said...

Sharon -
Bless you for your kind comments
Warm Regards

Debbi Baker said...

Thank you so much Sharon - I am honoured (and touched!!) Deb