Thursday, 3 January 2008

Verity and Daffodil

Yesterday one of my granddaughters finally made it over to make her Dottie doll. This was something we'd planned for Christmas Eve, but she was so poorly with a nasty cold that she couldn't come.
I got the idea from Julie after she sent me such a lovely Dottie (Flora) for winning her 100th post draw.
Verity had it all planned when she arrived and had brought with her a lovely yellow piece of tie-dyed cotton that she'd done at school and wanted to use to make a Dottie called Daffodil. I think that may have changed to Spring by the time she finished as she now has plans to make three more for the other three seasons!!
I must admit I think I enjoyed making this Dottie as much as Verity. She had a wonderful idea for the features of the face with the beads that she chose and even gave Daffodil/Spring a lopsided grin which immediately gave her a great personality.

Verity carefully braided her Dottie's hair and we found a sample butterfly that I made on some silk organza when I had an embroidery machine for a while, it made the most perfect wings for her.

I think she'll be a much loved Dottie as Verity had already made her a bed and covers before she came over to me!! And I heard from her tonight that she is starting on Bluebell/Summer who will be a companion for Daffodil/Spring.
Thank you so much Julie for giving me the idea that gave us both such a lot of pleasure to make.


Purple Missus said...

Well done Verity, thats a very cool Dottee Doll you have created there.
Another budding fibre artist you have in your family Sharon - and how lucky they are to have such a sharing nanny.

Julie said...

Wow! Verity, what a beautiful Dottee Doll you've made! Daffodil is a lovely name and I love your tie-dyed material. What a good idea to use beads for the face - I shall have to try that on my next dottee. The braided hair is a great idea too, especially with the beads on the end. I hope your Nan will let us see a picture of Bluebell/Summer when you've made her. I'm so pleased you had fun with this - I shall have to tell my friend Dot in Australia as she made the original Dottee Doll.

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Verity what a lovely doll you have made and you look so pleased with her as well.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Well done Verity. I hope you continue to enjoy being a fibre artist like your garndma.

chrissythreads said...

The Dottie doll is lovely, such a sweet idea I can't wait to see the others. I also esp like your Grandaughter's name, Sharon, as it was my maiden name and is one of my daughter's names.