Wednesday, 13 February 2008

All sorts

As the creativity Fairy seems to be on holiday in some wonderful place at the moment and is in no hurry to come home, I thought I'd catch up with a few bit and pieces.

Firstly my lovely Calendar Girl PC arrived from Val yesterday, it really is a beauty ! The colours are so vivid and the contrast against the BG is brilliant, if you want to see how Val constructed this PC just pop along to the CG blog.

In the same post I received my PC from Susan, who is running the Cyber Fyber exhibition. The info and pic of the PC are on here.

The other thing I discovered in my meanderings through the various blogs was the the big list of sewing blogs hosted by Suzi. It's a great idea and lots of fun, but beware there are heaps of great blogs on the list, and you can loose quite a few hours !!!

Lastly, we went to the seaside on Sunday and came across this lovely little craft arcade, which had the most amazing bead shop I've seen in a long time. Bosham is a delightful little village near Chichester on the South Coast.

My final piece for this post is this lovely book on colour that I discovered in the bookshop in the craft arcade, and lucky me it was marked down from £14.99 to £7.99, a bargain way too good to miss!

Who knows, the creative fairy might just want to come home now and see the lovely beads I bought at the bead shop, and read my super new book!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

What an Aladdin's cave that shop is.
Looks as though your new book may be useful with your present course module.
Hope the fairy's holiday is over soon!!!!

Purple Missus said...

That bead shop looks fabulous - did you make any essential purchases :)
Vals card is wonderful. I'm not looking on the CG blog yet until I have made my one for Jenny.

Julie said...

Your card from Val is very pretty. That bead shop is fantastic. Do they sell over the net or at shows? I shall have to Google them. I've said it before but your card from Susan is stunning.

Jacquelines blog said...

Wish we had a bead shop like that, looks great :-)

Aussie Jo said...

Sometimes it's good to have a break and feed the spirit with a nice day out. The bead shop looks like it might be a great temptation, hope you didn't break the bank.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous bead shop, I'd probably never want to leave.