Saturday, 23 February 2008

Cyber Fyber Exhibition Post Card

I've finally finished my Cyber Fyber PC, which I will be sending off on Monday for the exhibition.(There are a few trades left so if you want to take part you better hurry over to the blog.) I wanted to do something glitzy this time as it's a celebration of textile blogging.

I decided to use the artwork that I had created for the CG PC for March.This is a loose interpretation having lightly sketched in the outline of the flower and vase in Fiber Etch, from AVG, on synthetic velvet that had first been dyed with Procion dye.

The Fiber Etch ( Instructions come with the solution) burns away the velvet pile and leaves just the synthetic undrelay. The more you put on the more it burns away and will make nice distressed holes if that's what you're aiming for.

I now decided to exploit the colours that I'd developed in the original artwork (see pic below) and started bonding foils and painted Bondaweb to a piece of cream Viscose Satin. You can't see the Bondaweb now as it's almost all been taken over by the foil.

I bonded the two layers together using a needlboard so as not to crush the velvet pile, if you don't have one you can always use a towel.

To give the BG some texture I did some random FME in a matching embroidery thread and over stitched this with a fabulous Gutermann/Sulky polyester thread. It behaved beautifully on my ancient Bernina 1130, as if to prove a point that there's life in the 'old girl ' yet and I don't really need to trade up to an Aurora 440 QE, or do I?

I finished off with some lovely seed beads bought at my favourite bead shop by the sea, and as the exhibition has been so lovingly organised by the lovely Susan I thought I'd add these lovely silver hearts, purchased from 'you know where'.

And here's the final PC, just using the left hand side of the original sample, the right will be used for the CG PC.


Purple Missus said...

Ooh you clever old thing. What an amalgamation of techniques. Something different each month. Amazing. What on earth will you be doing come December **LOL**

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Simple and sweet. It has persuaded me to join in with the trade too so I have just chosen one.
I remember having a play with fibre etch once a friend and we were disappointed with it but you have made it work OK.
I have never seen a needle board before. How big is it?
Even when I upgraded to my new machine I kept my old faithful and still use it so if there is life in the old girl - hang onto it. They are always a good stand by if the new technology of the TOLs go wrong.
At least your foiling went smoothly!!

Aussie Jo said...

This is gorgeous Sharon.
I have just tried out the Aurora machine and it was fun to play on. It has some great features but I intend trying out some other brands to compare before buying a new machine. I currently have an old Janome machine and overlocker.

Debbi Baker said...

What a fabulous result Sharon and I bet it is even more wonderful in the flesh! I loved reading the process too - very informative (thanks!).

Pat said...

Fascinating process and wonderful result I am sure Susan will be delighted with this.

Doreen G said...

Fantastic Sharon---I thought I had posted a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Jacquelines blog said...

It looks great Sharon. Susan will love it.

Debbi Baker said...

Me again Sharon just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the "you make my day award" - coz I love reading your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great technique and terrific results, thanks for sharing. I haven't finished mine yet, must get it done this weekend.

Sue Smith said...

Hi Sharon, it looks like you've been a very busy lady. I'm coming back to visit and have a better look at what you've been up to. I wanted to let you know that I've presented you with a 'You Make My Day' award. You are a true inspiration and encouragement to me. Thank you!

Becky Vigor said...

This is beautiful. I love the combination of colours, would never have thought of using the pastel colours with the dark green, it works really well. Also great to see how Fibre Etch works, I've been wondering about getting some. Think I will now.

Julie said...

Beautiful Sharon! Clever you ! :))

Cyber Fyber said...

I'm so far behind in my blog reading that I'm only just finding this post. Thank you so very, very much for trading with me at CYBER FYBER and for all your nice comments here. The card is absolutely stunning. Right now, I'm creating labels for the exhibition which requires me to "cut and paste" blog names. It has given me to chance to peek in on a few blogs. I'm so glad I peeked in here! Thanks again...ever so much!