Monday, 19 January 2009


I went to the cinema with 2 of my DD's ( my poor youngest couldn't come out to play as her baby son had a nasty tummy bug, maybe next time), on Saturday and saw the amazing blockbuster, Australia.

It really is a 'must see' film, the scenery is amazing, the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat and the acting is faultless, especially that of Brandon Walters, who plays Nullah, "......a mixed race Aboriginal boy left orphaned by the inhumanity of Australian law"

Having just been doing a very small amount of research into the Australian Aboriginal culture I was completely captivated and horrified by this side of the story.

I had no knowledge of the "........Stolen generation when mixed race children were banned from living either with their Aboriginal families or within the white community, but were taken from their homes to be brought up in church missions" and was shocked that such cruelty could ever have been allowed to happen.

Having said that, It's a good thing for us to be educated in such things and I think this film handled it with sensitivity.

On to other things, I now have my official finishing date for my C&G, March 13th, so please excuse me if I'm an absentee blogger for a bit as I have 2 modules yet to do and am trying very hard not to panic!!!


Julie said...

Good luck with your deadline Sharon. Thank you too for the recommendation on the film. I think I will have to wait for the DVD but it certainly sounds memorable.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

'Don't panic! don't panic!

I'm sure you will manage it.

hippopip said...

The film was great I agree,and all best wishes on your final modules go for the distinction

Helen Suzanne said...

thanks for the report on the film... sounds good.

All the very best for a fluent and easy final stage of work for your C&G :D

p.s. the word verification for today is dedicated to you ;))

"glorsess" a bit like glorious and princess rolled into one mebi?