Tuesday, 6 January 2009

It's all in a word

I'm so glad that I picked 'Enjoyment' as my word for this year because already it's changed my attitude. I catch myself thinking what can I find to enjoy in this task, instead of approaching it with dread and irritation.

To give you an example, cooking is not one of my favourite pass times, you've only got to look at this pic to see why.
My poor OH always approaches our kitchen with dread if I cook anything beyond beans on toast, and even then he swears I use every untensil we possess, and maybe some of next door's as well.

However I was cooking my favourite recipe tonight, mushroom and peanut loaf, so instead of getting in a lather about how fiddly it is to cook, I just concentrated on how nice it would be to eat it and the pleasure of cooking a proper meal for the two of us, as my OH had been away for a boy's bonding/photographic w/e. And hey presto!!!! the result was even better than usual.

And yes I did manage to clear the kitchen before I served the meal. I know you'll be wondering :-)

As for the knitting needles on the window ledge more about them later.

And to end a very good day, I packed up my completed module 6 ready to post off for assessment and have nearly finished the final piece for module 5, so long may this 'Enjoyment ' last.


Jacquelines blog said...

I think that is a good one Enjoyment....I might need to borrow the word from you :-) Have to enjoy thing more...

Aussie Jo said...

Your kitchen is so bright and colourful, you're sure to enjoy cooking there. The meal looks delicious, I'm sure you're husband enjoyed it. I didn't notice the knitting needles, I thought they looked like the poppy seed pods I have in my kitchen.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

As you know, I hate cooking and I never think about how nice it will be to eat it. I am always thinking how much art I could be creating instead so good luck with your positive and enjoyable approach.
It didn't have anything to do with the bottle of wine I noticed on the worktop did it!!!!!
Enjoyably cheerful

Julie said...

It looks delicious Sharon and I'm sure the wine helped in the preparation ;o) Your kitchen is lovely and colourful.

Congratulations on getting module 6parcelled up!

Purple Missus said...

I'm intrigued about the knitting needles on the windowsill - can't wait to here about them.
Do you use these in your cooking as well :)
Your kitchen is lovely and colourful - very welcoming.