Thursday, 8 January 2009

Cyber Fyber Exhibition

I've just been trawling the Cyber Fyber Exhibition, hosted by the wonderful Susan Lenz, and here are just a few of the PC's on show, sent in by the bloggers that I know, there is loads more to see so do pop across and have a look at this unique event.

Pippa's PC

Jacqueline's PC

Carol T's PC

Helen"s PC

Debbi's PC


Pat's PC

Chrissy's PC



Julie's PC

Doreen's PC

And a great big thank you to all those who commented on my PC.


PS the exhibition opened yesterday and Susan has posted her article for the local newspaper here, it's well worth a read


Julie said...

Doesn't the exhibition look wonderful? Shame it's so far away. These postcards look amazing, yours should be included too!

lesley said...

What wonderful PC's. I do love your last posting. My word would be relaxation, something I find very difficult to do. I'm always thinking about the next thing on the list and never really savour and enjoy the very moment. Thank you for sharing. I hope it works! xx

Jennifer Jilks said...

It is healing to look at beautiful things simply presented without clutter and distraction. Thank you for sharing them!

Pat said...

What a lovely idea and kind thought to make this collection but Julie's right you should be there too.

sharon young said...

OK girls, you win :-)

Julie said...

Yay! :o)

Well done Sharon. It's beautiful! Don't hide your light....!

Purple Missus said...

The postcards in the exhibition all look amazing together don't they but there are so many its hard to take it all in. Not sure I would have been up to doing what Susan has achieved. She deserves some sort of award I should think.

hippopip said...

A great exhibition,and what a lot of work, like Lynda says too many to take in,so it wasa good idea of yours to put these together

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous postcards, it's never ceases to amaze me how everyone's imagination and creativity is so different.