Monday, 12 January 2009

New Year gift and CG PC's

I just had to show this lovely package that popped through my letter box, on friday, it was a complete surprise from Jo-Anne. I had admired the PC on her blog and had no idea it was winging it's way to me as a New Year gift, together with a gorgeous skein of Australian hand dyed silk and a lovely book mark, thank you Jo.

In the same week I received my January PC from Pippa who is a new member of our Calendar Girls group. It came in this very stylish envelope done in a lovely leather like texture. Both are lovely Pippa, thank you.

Due to pressure of other things I realised I hadn't acknowledged my CG PC's for the past 3 months , so here they are, sorry to be so late , but they were all receieved with delight and made my day.

December was this lovely pretty card from Sandy it's been so cheerful to look at on these horrible grey days we've had lately, thank you Sandy.

November was this amazing 3D painting from Pat, which she very kindly sent with this lovely piece of lace, again a great colourful PC to beat the winter blues, thank you Pat.

And lastly in October I recieved this amazing sculptural PC from Lynda, it's an outsanding 3D piece and I wouldn't even know where to start to create something like it, so it's a constant inspiration on my 'thinking wall', thank you Lynda.

I hope I shall be able to keep up with the CG group a little better this year, otherwise I mught just get drummed out of the gang for poor attendance, and that would be a shame as I've really enjoyed it.

Thanks to all in the group.


Heather said...

What lovely goodies. There must be thousands of fabric postcards by now, yet each one is quite individual - a lovely idea - I must have a go at one myself.

Carol said...

What a great collection, looking forward to swapping with you again this year