Monday, 31 March 2008

April PC finished

I've now finished the April PC for the CG challenge. I've interpreted the design work as seen in my previous post by printing the original BG layer onto, what is rapidly becoming my favorite medium, print ready canvas.

I then printed the under layer of the flower onto heavy weight Lutrador. The inks bled a bit on this as Lynda discovered with Dianne's PC. I tried printing it again onto Lutrador that had previously been coated with InkAid Iridescent gold, and this stopped the bleed considerably.

Having got this print off ( the first uncoated one) I decided it would be much better just as the daisy itself and so cut out the flower with the soldering iron. It was then bonded to the canvas with Photomount spray.

The next step was to print the top layer of the flower, stars and the children onto silk organza that had been coated with Bubblejet 2000. I still find this the best solution for coating fabrics ready for printing, but of course it will only work really well with natural fabrics.
Before I printed the image I pushed up the saturation so that I had a really contrasty image, which would counteract the loss of pigment in the printing process, as half of the ink gets left behind on the backing paper.
Before I bonded this layer to the canvas/Lutrador layer I stuck some silver stars to the BG, just for a bit of fun.
Finally the organza layer was bonded to the BG with Bondaweb, slightly offset to the Lutrador BG to give a shaddow effect. I picked out a few stars, that had been almost lost in the printing, and stitched them in with gold thread. I topped it off with some seed beads and one more gold star.
This is a bit of a departure from my usual line of experimenting, but it was fun to do something just for the 'hell of it' for a change!!


Karen Hall said...

That's lovely Sharon, quite charming.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Well done - you transposed it brilliantly. That's the beauty of our fibre /textile art - so many techniques to chose from and combine.

Pat said...

Another success, I love the detail of the "friends".

Doreen G said...

Well done Sharon--another excellent postcard.

Purple Missus said...

This has turned out really well Sharon. Lovely colours.
Although its not your usual line of experimenting has it given you any ideas for future work?

sharon young said...

Thanks to everyone who's left a comment on this post.
I was a bit wary of this piece as I don't usually work so literally. But I was intrigued when I answered your question, Lynda, (in my head) to find that what I've learnt was the value of not taking myself and my creativity too seriously, so yes I hope it might be a springboard for different directions.
And as to this piece I have quite a few experiments left over that I'll work up into PC's.
BTW I've lost my spell check on Safari since the crash, so please excuse what must be many sp mistakes on my comments.

Fran├žoise said...

It's lovely Sharon!
What kind of print ready canvas do you use?

Carol said...

This is lovely Sharon, the colours really brighten up a miserable day, I like the effect you achieved on the canvas and lutradur layers,and the surprise of the little friends is wonderful

hippopip said...

This piece is lovely Sharon and it is great when a bit of experimenting turns out so well, Pippa

Debbi Baker said...

I think this really worked out well! I love the extra touches you have added to the printing and the stars are a great textural (and very pretty!) addition. I like reading about your thoughts and intentions along the way to the finished product - I don't know if yoi realise it but you do that really well on your blog! Makes for fascinating reading.

Becky Vigor said...

Love the idea of putting the children in the centre of the flower. The colours are perfect too.