Sunday, 16 March 2008

Experimenting with snowdrops

Prompted by a photographic/art competition at my OH’s place of work I decided to do some more experiments with multiple print-offs and use up a piece of left over Sanwa tissue from my InkAid experiments.

On a recent visit to the Focus on Imaging show at the NEC, Birmingham, I bought a pack of computer pintable canvas, so I was quite eager to try this out.

I started with an image of snowdrops taken recently and printed it straight using the settings suggested by the manufacturer.

As this was a very strong image I wanted to knock it back a bit so put a ‘rough pastel’ filter on it in PS.

I printed this onto the Sanwa tissue, which has gold and silver flecks in it.

I fused this over the original caves image using the wonderful misty fuse that Debbi so kindly sent me.

I still felt that there was more I could do to enhance the textural feel of this image so I printed some lacey tissue with the original image to put some definition back into the piece. I then fused this to the Sanwa layer.

It was my intension to stitch into this piece, but after having tried endless different ideas on a PC size piece I gave up and decided it wasn’t suitable for stitch.

See what you think.

The quality of the pics is nowhere near as good as I would like, but it was a very difficult subject to photograph and I had to do it with the aid of an angle poise lamp, not the best of solutions to a cold wet day!!


chrissythreads said...

Hi Shaorn,
Lovely snowdrops. I love your effects but if you want to take it into stitch you could try appying minute beads ( the crystal, silver lined are good for this and look like frosting) or you could print again onto abaca tissue which you could back with Angelina, slightly distress the original image so it shows through and then add tiny seeding to texture. The image has lots of possibilities. I hope you are beginning to feel more inspired again and able to get back into your C&G perhaps it wil better when the weather finally cheers up.

Julie said...

I'm not familiar with Sanwa tissue I shall have to look for some. I like the pastel filter it has a lovely soft focus effect.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Go with your instincts. Not everything needs stitch. It looks a bit like it is snowing on the snowdrops.
If anything use the centres of this lace and using a very delicate clear or white thread - stitch some snowflakes.

Aussie Jo said...

I love the lacy effect of the tissue, especially the swirly look. I agree with Chrisy threads that the highlight of some sparkly beads would be effective. What about some couching o top??

Purple Missus said...

If the piece doesn't shout out stitch to you then I would leave it as it is. Its a lovely piece of art you have created. And thanks for sharing the process.

Karen Hall said...

Lovely to see your process

Becky Vigor said...

This is beautiful, and interesting to see the combination of layers, something I wouldn't have thought to have done.

I know this was ages ago now, I'm gradually catching up with my blog-reading backlog!