Friday, 21 March 2008

Snowdrops PC

After the helpful advise I was given by those kind enough to comment on my previous post I decided to have another go at the snowdrops.
This time I worked on a PC format and used the print-off from the original computer print onto tissue paper.(ie the residue of ink that's left when you peel off the tissue from the backing paper)

I scanned this back into the computer and played around with it in PS and decided to put a Fresco filter on it,(filter-artistic-fresco)

I wanted to use a trial download of Corel Painter 1x so I opened the original image in the software and used the following filter, effects-KPT Collection- KTP Pyramid paint.
I then painted in blue shaddows with the WC brush on the flower petals.

I pasted this second interpretation over the first a dropped the opacity till it just gave the piece a little more colour and depth.

I wanted to get a little more texture out of this piece so decided to overlay it with another print-off, this time of the lace tissue.

I pasted this onto the image and again dropped the opacity till I was happy with it.

I now had a basic design to work from.

I printed the first layer of the design, the fresco image, onto print ready canvas. I sprayed this with Photo Mount and sprinkled small pieces of waste metalic thread over the surface. I printed the second layer, the CP 1x version, onto Gampi tissue and stuck this to the canvas BG. This was sprayed again with PM and I then bonded the last lace tissue layer in place, after printing it on Gampi.

I decided to secure the whole piece with metalic thread seed stitches and glass beads.

After looking at it for a couple of days I decided that the tissue paper was looking a bit heavy so set about tearing holes in it to reveal the underneath. I think I was heavily influenced here by my many visits to Jacqueline's wonderfully insprational blog.

Finally I coated the whole piece with PVA and satin stitched the edges with white non glossy embroidery cotton to keep the photographic look.

This PC is for an 'inchie' swap with Debbi, so I hope she won't be disappointed as it's a bit experimental.


Carol said...

Sharon this is wondeful, Debbi will love the inchies, my son
uses Painter and some of the efects he ges are amazing

Jacquelines blog said...

How can she be diappointed, it is gorgeous and I think Debbi will love it!

Doreen G said...

Debbi will definitely love this Sharon it is lovely.

Pat said...

Sharion this is beautiful, I am going to have to print it off to appreciate all the steps you went through but having been the lucky recipient of a postcard from you I am sure Debbi will be delighted.

Debbi Baker said...

Disappointed????????? Are you mad? I am stunned that it is for me!! I LOVE it and I am totally amazed at your creative process - not sure I understand all of it as I don't have PS although I am thinking it must be something I should get into after reading your blog and Lyndas. PS I have always loved snowdrops!

Aussie Jo said...

Very cool, and what a process. Great piece.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Finally have time to look at your blog.
I see that Debbie already loves the snowdrop card so no need to comment on it.
I really must find time to play with my digital imaging - then fine the time to transpose them.
Look forward to more snowdrops - which is quite relevant at the moment as we have had a covering of snow today.
Chilly cheers

Sue Smith said...

LOL, I don't think I understood hardly any of that post - way too technical for me, but I love the results your getting! It's amazing to see how photographs can be manipulated to create such interesting art works. Thanks for sharing your work Sharon, it's so inspiring! You often cause me to look at the world a little differently - and I hope to have more courage (and time) to experiment like you do.

Purple Missus said...

This is truly wonderful Sharon. I can manipulate in a paint programme but then when it comes to transferring that design into or with stitch - thats it, I'm usually lost. You have made that transformation and it has turned out beautifully.Well done you.

Julie said...

Awesome, Sharon! I was going to say Debbi will be delighted but she is already! :)
Hope you had a good Easter weekend. I am still catching up so not blogging yet. We survived the weekend! lol