Monday, 10 March 2008

Book swap/ Give away

One of my very dear friends has just had a major clear out of her work room and arrived for lunch last week with 2 baskets full of textile books and a smaller one with silk paints and related paraphernalia, so I was mega excited!! It was like having Christmas all over again.

I have sorted through them and weeded out the duplicates plus the ones I will probably never use and have been left with this pile, plus the two Jan Messet ones, which are wonderfully useful.

I would like to swap any of these for books on art journaling, stamping and general paper crafts if anyone has a surplus in that area. Failing that I’m happy to give them away to anyone who wants to email me, first come, first served.

I hope they will be useful to someone as there are some great books here.

I ought to mention that the weather here is awful and so the internet connection is flakey, so please be patient if I don't get back to you right away.

I will post up a comment to let you know which books, (if any), have been rehomed.


Carol said...

I would love the Ruth Isset one Sharon. I haven't got any Journaling books but may have some paper ones I coud fish out. Other than that i only have some of my art work and a bag of goodies to offer. What do you think???

sharon young said...

Consider it done, Carol, It'll be in the post tomorrow.

sharon young said...

The Janet Edmonds book has found a new home with

Clevelandgirlie said...

What an absolutely lovely watercolor painting you did while at the park looking at the animals. How wonderful to have talent like that --- that you can just whip out a brush and piece of paper and create such a landscape. I do so envy you.

Your blog is delightful. I will be back!

sharon young said...

I'm pleased to say that the Gwen Hedley book has now found a new home.