Sunday, 2 March 2008

A day out with the ducks

Due to a combination of bad weather affecting my internet connecttion and a serious sotware conflict on my beloved Mac, that required a complete reinstall of the OS sytem, Ouch!! I haven't been able to blog much in the last week. But I'm now nearly back to normal, so I thought I'd share some of the pics I took out and about this weekend.

We took advantage of a window in the weather on Saturday and went to a local Wildfowl Trust near the South Coast. It's the Arundel Wetland Centre.
My OH went there the other day with his brother to do some bird photography and thought I might like a look.
It's a beautiful place with a lovely coffee shop/restaurant that had massive picture windows for you to enjoy the wild life in comfort.

As I'm not a wild life photographer and don't do moving targets too well, I'm afaid you'll have to excuse the poor quality of the duck shots but the patterns and the colours were too good not to have ago.

This one is a Mandarin duck

This one is a Ruddyshelduck

Part of the wetland area is a reed bed that has boardwalks all through it, so when they're fully grown later in the year it will be like walking through the middle of the wildlife natural habitat. I shall look forward to visiting then. We were lucky enough to spot a warer vole in the remaining reeds, which was a great treat as it's Britain's most endangered mammmal.

While walking around we discovered a little area that was devoted to dried herbs and rushes, with full explanations for the uses for all these plants, it was very inviting as you were encouraged to touch and smell these exhibits.

If you live anywhere near Arundel I would thoroughly recommend the centre as a great day out, it's very theraputic just being in such lovely surroundings watching the wild life.


Helen Suzanne said...

I think I would like that place Sharon. I used to be very into studying the herbs and what you can use them for. Aren't those mandarin ducks amazing in their plumage!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

What a fabulous place. We have a wilfowl centre not far from here at Washington. We haven't been for a few years. Must put it on the list. Pretty good photos for a non wildlife photographer.
Thank goodness your back on blogline.

Julie said...

Lovely photos Sharon!

Aussie Jo said...

Great photos Sharon, if you think they are bad you'd better not visit my blog, yours are remarkably clear, I will put a decent camera on the to buy list!!!!
Thankyou for sharing, it looks like you had a wonderful day.

fiona d said...

love the ducks - and the patterns in the water round them. Hope your Mac is fully recovered now

Debbi Baker said...

Welcome back Sharon! Looks like a lovely place and your photos are gorgeous - love the first one best - I feel as though that duck is right here!!