Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Relaxing in the park

In an effort to unwind after a very busy Saturday we decided to go to a local country house park in Sussex. For those of you who know this area it’s Petworth Park. Our prime objective was to see the deer herd that lives in the park and see if we could get some shots of them.

I also hoped that I might be able to get the sketchbook out at last and do a few doodles!

As luck would have it the sun came out after we’d had our lunch in our roving restaurant, cunningly disguised as a VW camper and we trudged off down the hill. I had my oversized tripod and emergency fishing bag housing the new camera and 2 lenses, couldn’t afford a bag and a new lens!

We found the deer enjoying this fleeting appearance of the sun and I watched transfixed, as this beautiful little pair looked for all world as if they were having a kiss. Unfortunately I managed to have the camera on the wrong focusing setting from the day before, will I never learn to check? And I was so excited I managed to focus on an area behind the deer, but who cares? I’ll remember this shot for the special moment it was.

I did manage to get my sketch book out and was just trying to find my way round the view in front of me and the shapes of the deer when this dirty great black cloud rolled in and brought with it an enormous hail storm, so bad it stung our faces on the way back to the van.

Still the day’s pics and some doodles gave me enough information to work this little sketch at home yesterday. I still need to work on the shapes of the deer, but was quite pleased with how the landscape came out, as I had to learn some new texture techniques with the WC, so all round it was a useful and relaxing day.


Pat said...

Great photographs Sharon, the different light and textures in the black cloud one are fab. Kissing deer??? Well it is nearly Spring!!

Julie said...

My hubby has problems sometimes with his D50 tricking him on the focus. Lovely pics of the deer nonetheless and I like your watercolour - you've caught the sky beautifully. Now I feel guilty that I've forgotten all about doing some pastels! Oops!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

It's not easy at the moment trying to second guess the weather. You made a success of the day with the water colour. How did you do with the new lens? Any close ups?

Karen Hall said...

I like your sketch - you have such a light hand - it is charming

Sue Smith said...

That just sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. I love the sketch - you've captured the mood beautifully. Ooooo a new camera! Do you mind me asking what type of camera you bought? I'm saving up for a new one, but now sure what to buy yet.

Debbi Baker said...

Love your photos Sharon - the light is incredible. You guys get to go the prettiest places!

Becky Vigor said...

How amazing to see the deer so close. I like your watercolour sketch for the atmosphere it creates.

Helen Suzanne said...

what a lovely place to go for a day! The deer must have been a thrill to see. I do like your sketch... particularly the skyline with those trees. Very effective.

Mary Ruth said...

Great photography and wonderful light in your sketch! Love it!
Wonderful Blog you have and I am so glad I discovered it!