Thursday, 17 April 2008

Exhibition experiments

I managed to get something into cloth on Tuesday, all be it only 2 PC's, but it's a start.

I made the heavy horse design that I wotked out on the prevous post into a PC format and printed it onto calico that had been treated with Bubblejet 2000. I thought I'd be really clever and back it with WC paper to make it easier to write on, but you've guessed it , once I'd stitched the satin stitch round the edge, the paper came away in my hand! So it had to become a card.
Having made one card the next PC had to go the same way, so please excuse the wobbly pics, they wouldn't stay flat to photogtaph.

This one is one of my snow pics from the other day printed onto print ready canvas with the words printed on acetate and stitched to the usual pelmet vilene.

Today I decided to try and get to grips with a bigger piece and start on some ideas for a small quilt. I had already dyed some cotton to look like thundery clouds and scanned it into PS to see what might look good with it.

I was very taken with an installation at the Arundle Wetland Centre that is called an 'Obscurer'. It's a thatch roofed hut with a hole and a mirror at the top, and it's completely dark inside. When the sun shines the light hits the mirror and an image of the waving reeds can be seen on a circular white reflector in the hut. It's really beautiful and I wanted to include it with the horse image. So here's my first idea for the mini quilt.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Like the two post cards and thank goodness for good old pelmet vilene. I always iron a fine or medium iron on vilene to the back of paper when it is to be stitched. Or, you could either spray glue the paper to the back before stitching or use a more open satin stitch which works for paper.

Carol said...

Both the cards have turned out beautiful Sharon, and I really like the idea for your mini quilt.
You make me want to go and master my computer skills a little more, ummm, no make that a LOT more :)

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely cards Sharon.
I assume you tried the the cattle picture in the mini quilt in all positions, I'm wondering what it would look like a tiny bit further into the right hand corner?

Judy Scott said...

I love pelmet vilene too ~ what did we ever do without it, love your idea for your mini quilt, enjoy the process, I love the challenge of new projects ~ J:)

Purple Missus said...

All very lovely pieces Sharon and I like your idea for your mini quilt very much. I agree with Aussie Jo too - maybe the picture might look good a bit off centre. Its a fabulous backing you are using there too.
I always back my postcards with heavyweight WC paper and must admit that if I use a large needle or stitch too heavily it does tend to tear. Maybe this is what happened in your case?
It turned out very well in the end though didn't it?

Fran├žoise said...

The two postcards are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the little quilt now.

Jacquelines blog said...

The postcards look lovely Sharon! The idea of a mini quilt sounds good too.

Julie said...

The postcards are gorgeous Sharon! I love the background for the mini quilt too.