Tuesday, 15 April 2008


This is just a quick post to explain to anyone who may have noticed the erratic posting schedule I seem to be in at the moment.

My DD2 has been very busy with her baby carrier business lately and has promoted me from solely making the straps to making the whole carrier, hmmmmm! It's not a complicated carrier as you'll see here beautifully modeled by her DH!

It's not a difficult thing to construct but it's certainly taxed 'the little grey cells' a bit, and it's also shifted my work load up a notch, as of course it takes longer to complete the whole carrier than just the straps!

As well as this extra work I'm struggling a bit to get my head round the coming exhibition, which, as some of you will know, is based on a theme of Countryside and Wildlife. I'm very new to the world of exhibiting and I'm not quite sure how close I need to stick to the theme, and if it's very close then it'll have to be mostly new work, ooops!!

Anyway I don't want to curtail my blogging time too much as it's become an important part of my relaxation time, so please be patient if it takes me a little longer to reply to posts, and I'm not quite so pro-active as usual.

It'll all be done with in a few weeks, (the exhibition that is) and life will resume to normal, whatever that is :-)

BTW DD2 has recently set up her blog Snaps & Sewing if anyone's interested in having a look.

I couldn't bear the idea of putting up a post with no pics so I thought I'd include a couple taken at Wisley Gardens the first one being a bizarre, over-sized sculpture of a Charman Mao jacket!! which made me smile when I saw it !

I just liked the effect of the screen in front of the real cacti on this one.


hippopip said...

Dear Sharon, well you certainly have your work cut out! I love the mao jacket, regarding how close your piece has to be to a chosen theme, I only have experience of 2 shows and I would say the boundaries were well stretched ,all the best Pippa

Sue Smith said...

Hi Sharon,

Well I'm sure somehow you'll manage to get your exhibition pieces together - it's amazing what a bit of pressure can do!

Looks like your artistic talent is running through the family - you must be very proud.

Love your pics for the day. The cactii have amazing patterns! So intricate.

Joanna van said...

Wow, you have to make each one of those by hand! Kudos to you! I received your wonderful PC. It's even better in person. Thank you so much Sharon!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Keep in mind artistic license and you can make almost anything fit a theme. As does word association and colour scheme!!

Aussie Jo said...

I thought you might have been flat chat.
When I go to exhibitions I like works that stretch the thought processes a little, so I would say take the interpretation and run with it.
If you want to see some cool exhibits check out Susan Lenz's latest.

Karen Hall said...

Hope you got a pay rise with your promotion!
Lovely pics of Wisley - always a great place to visit.