Monday, 28 April 2008

New roof, at last!!

I haven't got anything exciting to show on the creative front on a account of having a very busy w/e being a builder's mate to my OH while he restored the roof on my garden studio to it's former glory. It's been an ongoing saga of decline, with huge leaks and an awful musty smell all through the autumn and winter of last year, resulting in me having to decamp to the house. Hmmm not a good idea.
We finally had a break in the weather on Saturday and my OH was out there at 8.0 am ripping off the old felt and wood. This made an incredible mess as you can see, and in the best traditions of the builder's mate, you guessed it, I had to clear this lot up. But not berfore I had removed all the old tacks that had been holding down the felt along the edge of the shed, no mean feat for someone who definitely doesn't have Popeye muscles!!

Anyway by lunch time the old stuff was off and I had been encouraged by my OH to get on the roof and hoover up the wood dust and mice nests. All this for someone who suffers from an extreme fear of heights. Oh well it was an 'an out of comfort zone' experience I suppose.

After lunch my OH put down some roof insulation and started laying down the new boards, and by the evening the roofing felt was in place!! What a little starlet!!

We were so lucky to get a window in the weather and now I have my lovely sanctaury returned , good as new, so for the rest of the w/e and some of today I've been hapily painting and generally titivating my little den!


Julie said...

How is it we always get the best jobs.....heights, mouse nests and clearing up? lol Congratulations to your joint effort for getting the roof repaired. You'll be snug as a bug now! :)

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

It is good to have this kind of job behind you instead of still 'jobs to do'. You were lucky with the weather - we've had lots of rain with very small fair weather windows - lost count of how many times we've said 'just as well we didn't go' .

Judy Scott said...

Enjoy the new roof and well done on overcoming your fears!!! They are mine too ~ Jx