Thursday, 24 April 2008

Exhibition WIP

As the exhibition is now only a scary 4 weeks away on Saturday, Oops I wish I hadn't checked that!! I thought I'd better step things up a bit and stop procrastinating.

I've finally got the flyers ready for printing, which always takes me ages as I do it all on PS, which is not designed for DTP work, so doesn't have the nice text boxes all in line etc.
Anyway here they are. We're using our group name for the first time, so that's a bit exciting. It was derived from the area we live in and as we all work for the FC as well, we thought it had a nice ring to it.



An now on to the more difficult stuff, the work!!

I managed to sort out the size of the hay bales (so kindly supplied by Deidre) that I was working on in the this post. I managed to reduce them in size and then duplicated the layer twice so as to get a stretch across the width of the image. I finally put a pallet knife filter on them to give them a painterly effect. I put a frame of a bluebell wood around it to hold the image in.
This one and the poppy image will be professionally printed into a canvas mount, that's the plan anyway!

And now to the quilt. This is what I have so far, and as a rank amateur as far as quilting is concerned, I have to admit that all the different elements have been stuck down with Bondaweb, but my excuse is that I didn't want them to stand proud as I wanted to save that for the poppy image. I haven't attached the wadding yet, and my question is, if I stitch the quilt lines straight through Bondawebbed pieces, will I dislodge them? And also how much quilting should I do on this piece?
Decisions, decisions I just hate it!!
Needless to say I'm procrastinating again.


Julie said...

Sorry, Sharon I don't have a clue about quilting techniques but I can see how the quilting stitch will enhance your composition here. I like the piece you are going to have printed onto canvas too.
Good luck with your preparations for the exhibition.

Doreen G said...

The quilt piece look fantastic Sharon---are you going to machine quilt it or hand stitch it?
I don't think the pieces will move it has never happened to me.

Purple Missus said...

Very best of luck with your exhibition Sharon. Its GS Charlies birthday on the 25th so I will probably be down your way and if so will definitely pop in and give you a look.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Be aware that today, quilting does not have to be geometric shape all over stitching any more. You can free machine using the content as the stitch lines e.g. the parsley and bird circles and you can use decorative stitching such as vermicelli to fill areas. If it is going to be a hanginf - you don't need a thick batting. I have used fleece lining as batting.
Hope this helps.

Fran├žoise said...

The quilt looks great. I don't see why the pieces would move.
I wouldn't quilt it too much at first. It's always better to add than to remove quilting stitches, especially when the pieces are bonded.

Anonymous said...

These are looking good!
There is an award for you on my Garden blog if you care to take a look.

hippopip said...

This looks lovely Sharon, If its bondawebbed down it wont move when you quilt it and I agree with Shirley felt or a thin batting may give a better effect

Aussie Jo said...

Sharon, this is looking amazing. I agree with the FME approach, although lines radiating from your focal point might look effective, deviating to circle some of the parts. The quilting is only to keep the layers together so if you can do that while getting the effect you want that would be the aim.

sharon young said...

Thank you so much to everyone who has given me such helpful advise on the development of the quilt, I can now get into the stitch with much more confidence.
And a big thank you to the dedication of the two people who spotted the myriad of sp mistakes that I made on the flyer, before it went to be printed, I am so grateful, and it just goes to prove once again what a great lot the blogging community are.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon... this is looking a great design. I like how the poppies come off the canvas and blend into the quilt. And of course the cow parsley. Those and dandelion heads are some of my favourite silhouettes.

Deidre said...

Sharon, this looks awesome! Nice job of montaging all the images.