Friday, 20 June 2008

Arrived safely

Arrived safely at this beautiful end of the country. We started out at 5.30 and arrived here at about 2.30. We have a lovely hotel for the one night looking out over to the main island that we shall be visiting tomorrow. The hotel has internet access but only on the 3rd floor and we’re on the second, so guess who’s got to sit on the landing to post, that’s dedication for you!!

Just a few pics of what we’ve seen so far.

One of the Farne Islands

Bamburgh Castle

And of course the compulsory pattern shot

The secret doorway(Bamburgh)

Will post again when and if I can access the internet.


Aussie Jo said...

Ah, You couldn't resist posting, I'll be interested to see what lengths you're prepared to go to get your post in!!! Lovely photos, I can't wait to see the puffins, are they endangered, I thought they were mythical???

Sue Smith said...

Wow! What amazing scenery!!!

Julie said...

What an amazing sand textures photo!

Glad to see you got there safely. I hope you have a calm trip tomorrow. Beautiful photographs and gorgeous blue sky - it's wet here today :(

Julie said...

PS If you get chance to get to Wooler Helen Cowans has an Open Studio day tomorrow. Her web address is could probably call in during the week if you can't get tomorrow.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Great scenery...and buildings. I bet you get some inspiration here.