Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I discovered when we arrived that the area of Norfolk that we're staying in, 3 miles out of Norwich on the edge of the river Yare, has a free open internet connection, so yippee!! I can blog! Not such good news for the projects that I bought with me.
So here are a few pics of the trip so far.

These cheeky pair kept me company yesterday while the men went looking for their butterflies, they thought they could come in for a free meal, no chance!

This is the balcony where I can watch the river while I blog.

Our local pub, but only if we take the dingi or drive several miles round the road route.

As the weather was too wet and dull to entice the butterflies out we went in search of windmills instead and found this beauty.

We found a lovely little cottage, named 'toad hall' oddly enough, it's been restored as a marsh keeper's cottage of the late 1800's. There were some lovely textile artefacts on show, as you can see.

To finish the day I had to have a spending splurge in a fabulous quilt shop, but I'll reveal those naughties on the next post.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

What a lovely spot - pity about the weather. Mind you, it has been pouring down all day here and never really got light. Awful.
Look forward to seeing what the quilt shop had to offer.

Julie said...

Lovely to share your holiday while you're still there! I think the least that pub could do is ferry your drinks across to you :)

Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and bring the butterflies out.

Ro Bruhn said...

On our first trip back to England we hired a boat and took a trip along the Norfolk Broads, your photos look like familiar territory, I'm sure we passed that pub.