Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mission accomplished

We're now back from our lovely break in Norfolk, and thank goodness there was a small window in the weather on Thursday, when the sun came out and so did the Swallowtail butterflies. Patience paid off and my OH got this lovely shot.

I did do some creative stuff while away, but it's all WIP so I will post it up later. In the meantime here's some textural shots I took on the day we went sight seeing.

This is a close-up of an eel catcher's basket that we saw in the 'Toad Hall' cottage, I really liked the spots on the cane work.

And this one is one of the cogs on a windmill that we think was used to pump water.

I loved the green moss on this one and the textures.

This is the windmill that the cogs were photographed from.


o.s.s said...


Anonymous said...

An excellent photo of the swallowtail. OH must be very pleased.

Fran├žoise said...

Gorgeous pictures Sharon!
Looking forward to seeing your WIP.

Aussie Jo said...

You guys could do a wildlfe book, that butterfly is amazing.

hippopip said...

Beautiful `photos glad that you had an enjoyable holiday

Julie said...

So glad you managed to "bag" the swallowtail- it's beautiful!

Lovely texture photos.

Sue McGettigan said...

What beautiful photos! Welcome home :)

Purple Missus said...

That really is a wonderful photo, I bet DH was more than pleased with that one.
Love the cogs with the moss on - would like to see you do something with this one.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful textures you have photographed - very inspirational.
The swallowtail is stunning your OH should be well pleased with that shot.
The sea in Wales is really warm - well compared to anywhere else in this country (lol)