Wednesday, 25 June 2008


We came up to Lindisfarne last year on the same Puffin quest, so this time I knew exactly where to retrace my steps.
We woke up to brilliant sunshine so decided to take a walk on the beach before breakfast. What a treat, the whole beach was empty, sorry no pic I forgot to take my camera, but here’s one from the day before just so you can the see the scale.

I decided to go to the castle first, as it had fascinated me last year and I wanted to get another look. It was turned into a holiday retreat at the beginning of the 19th century by a private individual and then it was taken over by Lutyens who was involved with the Arts and Craft movement, so it’s a very strange mix of attempted homeliness in a castle shell.

They had a lovely walled garden designed for the house by Gertrude Jekyll, which has been restored and had a lovely selection of flowers and veg on show.

I also discovered this lovely decorative well cover, I think it has been designed in the A&C style.

On the path across the field to the castle I found this very obliging sheep who thought the whole idea of having her pic taken was hilarious!

Being a castle Lindisfarne still has its ramparts, where I believe the family used to have breakfast on fine days, which would have been wonderful when you’ve got a view like this. You can see the walled garden in this view.

Now a post form me wouldn’t be complete without the textural shots, so the first one is an upturned boat that is being used as a shed. This is a tradition on Lindisfarne and these shed/boats are known and photographed world-wide.

Here’s a close-up of the peeling fabric as the boats gradually deteriorate.

And finally couldn’t do without the rust, this boat ring has been in situ since the mid 1800’s.

My OH is getting decidedly figety and whisling in a vain attempt to distract me so better sign off for now.


Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic photos Sharon, what an interesting island. I've looked in th e atlas to see where you are. Despite the sunshine I'm guessing it would be a wee bit cool up there on the Scottish border?

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Keeping up. Not sure if you can get email so sending message here as I know you can read these comments.
Re avocets - there was an article in the local paper giving details on where they are. They have constructed a hide on the road side with views of the birds - two pair nesting now with 8 chicks.
Can you receive email - have a photo to send to you - will tell you more about it later??

Julie said...

Beautiful skyscape. I have never been round the castle despite 2 visits to the island. Was it deliberate that the iris photo echoes the shape of the cabbage leaves? The iris is beautiful!

Sue Smith said...

Boy, oh boy... wish I could fit in your suitcase. Your pics are amazing!