Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shopping and Norwhich

The sun is almost out and the boys are off butterfly hunting, so I’m on a day of much needed R&R.

As promised here’s my stash confessional, the first pic being my purchases from the lovely quilt shop.
I don’t know what you call it but I managed to get some double-sided bondable vilene for my PC’s and some Wonder Under, thought I’d try that instead of bondaweb. I then just had to buy the Oliver Twist pack, well you do don’t you, and then I spotted the coloured cotton a broder, which I can’t get down South at all. And to finish off 2 reels of beaading thread and some ribbons for sampling. Oh I forgot the cotton batting I just had to try!

I went into Norwhich yesterday and found the lovely art shop I’d sourced on the net , before I left home, and you’ve guessed it they had the exact little roller that I had to go and find as my friend Shirley has one for her lino printing, so I had to have it, plus some gorgeous turquoise printing ink, also coveted from Shirley’s stash.

And then as I’d done so well in getting around with my map I had to find the fabric shop and would you belive it, they had some wonderful cotton lawn and something they called craft cotton, so I just had to buy it. Ooops!!!

Anyway after all that shopping I was looking for somewhere quiet to recover and went off in search of the cathedral and here’s some pics I took there.

I can never resist the patterns of cloister arches, there's something so pleasing about the symetry.

One of the 1000 roof bosses!!

I couldn't resist this gorgeous boar!!

Or this beautiful tomb pattern.

Well it's off to have a creative rest of the day now, this is life !!


Anonymous said...

The word 'green' springs to mind. What a perfect day you had and then creating on that verandah. Enjoy.

chrissythreads said...

Looks like you are having a great time and I think you've been quite restrained with your pruchases so you should be very proud of yourself! The Craft cotton might well be the same as Prima cotton which is prepared ready for painting/dying and is really lovely to paint on.
Enjoy the rest of your break

Karen Hall said...

Nice supplies - I know I can never resist an Oliver Twist pack.
Great pics of the cathedral.

Françoise said...

Nice shopping! And lovely pictures.
It looks like you're having fun!

Purple Missus said...

Lots of lovely purchases Sharon. I like that cotton batting - have used it for allsorts. And I'm envious of the printing inks - I was very inspired by Shirleys work.
The cathedral pics are fab especially the roof bosses - I can see some work developing from them :)

Julie said...

Impressive shopping! I envy you the turquoise printing ink. I've never been in Norwich Cathedral. It looks worth the visit. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow what a great time you have had. Lovely scenery, terrific supplies/purchases and some great photos (although I found the boar a bit scary!)

I look forward to seeing what you do with your printing inks (and everything else of course).

Annette said...

Such lovely photos Sharon,Norwich cathedral must be amazing.
I love mooching around old churches, looking for inspiration for my art!