Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Moving North

On Monday morning we moved North to Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, as it’s also known. The Island is reached by a tarmac causeway which floods at high tide, so we had to make sure we had a tide timetable, and luckily for us low tide was at about 9.30 am. We planned to stay on the island over night, so didn’t need to worry that high tide would come around again at 5.0pm.

It’s a very beautiful place and if you wait till the last high tide when all the visitors go home it’s wonderfully peaceful.

The weather was still unsettled but we were getting the most glorious cloud formations.

I spent the morning blissfully doodling in my journal that I’d made before we left home and am continuing my investigation into Traci Bautista’s methods of working, not too successfully at the moment, although I do like the front and back cover of my journal. I think I will try to use some of her methods for this holiday but if I’m still struggling I may decide to just give up trying to be loose and go back to the restrained style I feel happy with.

Anyway in the afternoon we took a stroll amongst the dunes and came across these delightful holiday lets, at least I think that’s what they were although they did look a bit basic.

My OH found a large oil drum around the back of one of the cottages with a sign on it that read ‘pee water for the garden’, hmmm, very smelly I would think!!

Finally we popped into the church and I found this beautiful painting, I have no idea what it represents, but just loved the content and the composition.

Before turning in for the night my OH telephoned me to say there was a beautiful sunset in the harbour that I ought to see, and he was so right.

On my way back to the camper I saw this one too on the other side of the island looking out towards the causeway.

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Julie said...

Beautiful! We stayed on Lindisfarne when we first got together and it really is a magical place. I must get round to blogging the photos I took there in May.