Sunday, 4 November 2007

A day at the seaside

We went to the seaside today, as it was such a lovely sunny day. I took my new toy along, the Canon PowerShot A570, my dinky little digi. I didn’t realise that it had this cool function called Stitch Assist that helps you take a series of shots to make a panoramic photo; I was actually looking for the Landscape setting when I found it. I took four adjacent shots, but unfortunately when I put them into Photomerge on Photoshop CS, it could only match up two shots as the other 2 were over exposed. But I still got my first panoramic view!!

I loved the patterns that the sea had made on the sand as the tide went out, so I took a couple of shots for later use.

Of course we had to have an ice cream, it would have been rude not to ☺, and our faithful mutt had to have his share (good job the vet won’t read this). The only thing was 2 seconds later he’d almost swallowed the stick and Mike ( my hubby) had to retrieve it.

What a lovely way to spend a winter Sunday


Jacquelines blog said...

What a gorgeous picture Sharon!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Like the sand texture pictures.
Was it the 2 middle photos it stitched together. Bet you didn't use a tripod!!!!

Julie said...

These sand pattern pics are very inspiring.