Saturday, 17 November 2007

What no textiles!

Thought I'd put up a completely non textile post today, partly for a change and mostly as I don't have any new work to show.

Firstly I thought I'd show you this beautiful composite that my OH is exhibiting in our exhibition.. The only thing is he is stumped for a title for this one, any ideas?

Secondly I was about to do some work this afternoon when a great looking film came on the TV. It was called Legend starring a very young Tom Cruise, and was released in 1985. It was a beautiful fantasy film about The Lord of Darkness who wishes to kill the last unicorns, so darkness falls on the world and he can come out from his cave where he is shielded from the lethal sunlight.
Of course only true love can save the day, so there's a princess, a hero (TC) and lots of elves, fairies and goblins. It all ended happily with The Lord of Darkness being slain by TC of course and the happy couple swanning off into the sunset, marvellous! what a way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Put "moon,songs" into search engine - try this

There might be the perfect title there.

vivien said...

thanks for visiting my blog and therefore meaning I find this one!

I've always loved textiles and I'm bookmarking your blog to visit again :) you even have talented grandchildren too.

Aussie Jo said...

'moonlight rendezvous'

Julie said...

I'm not much good at titles but I absolutely love seahorses!

sharon young said...

Thanks to all who joined in. My OH has gone for 'Dancin in the moonlight', thanks to Shirley's link.

BTW does anyone know how I can contact aussie jo as I can't see how to access her blog