Tuesday, 13 November 2007

recording the process (rust triptych) 9

Now I feel as if I’m beginning to get somewhere! Yesterday I coated some silk samples with Bubblejet Set 2000 and printed them on my Epson inkjet printer. I used a silk organza for the first and second pics and a very fine silk (the name escapes me at the moment, but it feels a bit like an old silk scarf) for the third one that has the rust texture printed onto it.

I’m particularly pleased with the silk/rust sample as that translates from the composite really well.

I’m going to try some Japanese Sanwa Tissue recommended by Shirley
next and see if that gives me any advantage. I also want to try the InkAid (also recommended by Shirley and Lynda), to see if it’s better than the Bubblejet, as at the time of buying this it was the only product of its type available and things have clearly moved on since then.

I’m pleased to be making headway at last but am a little worried that at present there isn’t a stitch in sight, no change there then! When I mentioned my concerns to my dear OH (other half) his comment was “Why don’t you just sew a row of stitches across the middle!” Hmm! Maybe he has something there.

While rummaging around in my dye samples I found this silk organza dyed with navey Procion and then dicharged with a circular string print. I quite like the effect of this but don't know if it will be relevant yet.


Sue Smith said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for visiting my blog and saying 'hi'. Yours looks fantastic and I'm loving your latest post. Your work looks amazing.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Love the 'rusty silk' - one to drool over and agonise as to what to put on it - if anything.

Julie said...

The rusty silk is beautiful and I like the way these canvases are going with the layers.