Thursday, 1 November 2007

recording the process (rust triptych) 5

Al last I found a free hour to have a think about where to go next with this project. I've procrastinated for about a weeek now. I know that because I've kept this record of my progress, so there's no denying it.

I got the three canvases, now downsized to 12"x 12" from 16"x16", and unwrapped them, so far so good! Well they looked nice! Then panic set in and I decided I needed to know how the three would work, I wasn't really convinced that the first attempt (see below) was right after all, or is it that I now have a surfeit of square canvases, thanks to a special (can't be missed) offer in our local DIY store and I don't want to buy oblong ones.

So having established that today wasn't a good day to paint the canvases, not really enough time anyway, I did some sketch book doodles with felt tips and other unmessy media.

I think I might just have enough of an idea now to put paint to canvas tomorrow!!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Are you going with the purple then? I'll find out tomorrow won't I?

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sharon - Just catching up, I have been absent from blogworld all week and come back to find lots of interesting posts. All your embellisher experiments are fascinating and the joint postcard looks terrific. Look forward to seeing where you go with the canvases!