Monday, 19 November 2007

Exhibition preparations

Why does it always take so long to do all those final little bits for an exhibition, commission, assignment, project etc. Just when you think you can relax there's a whole chunk of stuff still sitting there peering at you waiting to be sorted!!

Still we open on Friday at 10am, the posters are out, the invitations in the post and , fingers crossed, the article is going in the paper on Thursday, so no backing out now.

I'm still deliberating which pieces might be suitable for framing, nothing like leaving it to the very last minute.

My friend Shirley, on the other hand is very organised and is busy printing more cards to fill the deficit left by another show last weekend!

My ever patient OH has taken evasive action and headed off to the woods for some solace in the company of Ben and the dog, who both of course hang on his every word. You wouldn't think he was exhibiting too would you!!

And then there's Melanie, totally unflappable, who looks at me completely mystified as to how anyone can get in such a stress over something that should be quite straight forward, after all we have done it before.

But there we are we're all different and thank goodness for that!

I know it's not at all likely but if anyone who browses this blog is in the vicinity this weekend please feel free to drop in for a glass of wine and a mince pie. Details can be found on my website


Julie said...

Good luck with your exhibition Sharon. Just sorry I live so far away. Your wall looks very interesting. Good to see Ben's work up there too. There are some interesting shapes on Melanie's wall too.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

All be it a bit early but best wishes for a successful exhibition.
You all look very organised so I am sure it will all go smoothly.

Noticed your DH is carrying his tripod and camera.

chrissythreads said...

Just a quick good luck with the exhibition and I hope you will post a couple of pictures in its wake so those of us not in the area can have a sneaky peek

Jacquelines blog said...

Good luck with the exhibition. It is a pity I couldn't see the bord with the card upclose, it looks interesting!

Ro Bruhn said...

Good Luck with your exhibition Shirley, I love your work. Thanks for visiting my blog and Etsy.

Helen Suzanne said...

aww wish I'd been around. Well done on getting it all put up and of course on the sales.