Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pavarotti's handkerchief

No time for personal creativity today! I had work to do for my daughter in the morning and had prep to do for my granddaughter’s new project, which she came to work on this evening. It was worth the effort as she’s making a very exotic outfit to go to Clothes Show Live in December. Needless to say she’s the one who wants to be a fashion designer and is responsible for me swearing over having to work with lycra this afternoon!

Anyway my grandson came over last evening and we had a good session on his new project. He wanted to do something about Pavarotti and his handkerchief, using FME, so I started by printing a painting he found on the net on cotton that had been pre soaked with Bubblejet.

He then decided that he wanted to make it more 3D so we put some wadding underneath. He gleefully set about free machining the contours of Pavarotti’s frame. I really didn’t think he’d be able to follow the lines, remembering back to how difficult I found it when I first started. But as usual he amazed me with his accuracy.

Ben then wanted me to get in on the act and as we only have one machine suitable for FME I got out the embellisher and started to shatter some silk thanks to Helen’s advise. I’d been frightened to use it on a single layer of fine fabric but was delighted with the results. We may use some of these pieces for a surround to Ben’s original piece.

Of course once the embellisher was out Ben couldn’t wait to have another go on it and was so pleased with the resulting samples that he’s called them Ben’s five minute tips, I think he’s planning on giving tutorials to anyone who’s interested ☺.

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Julie said...

I think I need Ben to give me some lessons in FME. I haven't had much success at it yet. He has done a wonderful job of machining on the Pavarotti piece. Well done Ben! Your granddaughter's outfit sounds very exciting!