Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mixed bag

Not much personal creative stuff done today, bar a bit of musing over the rust project after a very helpful session with a good friend of mine yesterday, but more on that later.

I went to work with my daughter today producing the new line of winter corduroy baby carriers which are taking the web shop by strorm and giving us plenty of work to do.

I delivered my daughter's new picture that she bought from her Dad at our exhibition and she has hung in her work area to add a sense of calm on those frantic work days!!

This afternoon, Bethany, one of my granddaughters, came over to work on a very exotic outfit that she has designed to wear at the Clothes Show Live in just over a week! so no pressure, Nanny, to get it finished in time!!

She has been beavering away at FMEing lots and lots of hearts to decorate a black net tutu, I shall say no more! But will post pics when it's finished.

Having a little break to spend time with our son and his fiance, so will not be back on the blog till Monday


Hannah said...

Love all the hearts together - can't wait to see the finished outfit! Have a lovely weekend away :o)

Aussie Jo said...

Can't wait to see your granddaughter's finished article.
I'm thinking maybe the interest in stitchery skips a generation. My mum wasn't a sewer but my grandmother and great grandmother were both very arty. My daughter shows no interest at all, but my niece has produced some excellent textiles for school.
For your current piece you might want to check out some of Sharon Boggon's work in flickr. I'm currently doing her Personal Library of Stitches class through Joggles and there are lots of photos of work on this site. Check on Personal Library of stitches.
I left a note for you on Maggie's blog Sharon, but you can contact me through flickr as carlseapatch.