Saturday, 3 November 2007

recording the process (rust triptych) 6

Well I have to admit that I decided yesterday, I was still not ready to paint the canvases. I realised that what was stopping me was a basic lack of research into abstract and triptych design, both of which I know virtually nothing about, so I decided that a trip to the local library was the answer. They rarely fail me when I’m on a mission.

I came across a great book full of very interesting artists’ work and found 2 pieces that really resonated. The first one is by an artist named Kathryn Frund, entitled Fin-de-Siecle II. I like the balance of this piece, with the found objects set at graduated heights and the colour blocks offsetting each other on the 2 outside panels, while in the central panel the colour blocks are vertical. There is even a rhythmic feel to the metal washers.

I know now, that so far I’ve been feeling in the dark for a balanced and rhythmic composition, I think I need to do more paperwork studies to find that foundation before I jump in!

The second piece is by Leslie Masters, entitled Mountain Rust, so it was the title I noticed first on this one, but I love the contrasts in this piece, between the serene background and the barbed wire. I suppose you could say that the background too has a harsh feel due to the texture and what feels like a heat haze. But it’s also the tension I like in this work.

I did slip back onto the computer last night to try out a couple of composites to see if it would make any difference if I introduced some imagery from Hurst castle’s history, but while I enjoyed doing them and it gave me a greater feeling of connection to this project I don’t think it’s the right direction. I feel it needs to be an abstract, but I want to feel that know how it connects and resonates with the initial source and my connection to it.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

The composites are really nice.
Be brave and dive in and go with the flow - the colours alone will be successful.

Homeleightigger said...

The book looks brilliant for inspiration Sharon, but I am inclined to agree with Shirley Anne - jump in there and enjoy the experience. You can't have it all sorted before you start..... can you?! Val