Sunday, 2 December 2007

De-stress weekend

What a lovely weekend we had with our son Daniel and his fiance Sue. My OH and I were pretty tired after the exhibition last weekend and spending time chilling out in Cardiff this weekend was just what the Doctor ordered.
We went up early on Friday and spent a happy 3 hours cruising around Ikea, which is within walking distance of the flat, so a great opportunity to spend loads of money!! I bought a great display cabinet for all those 3D pieces I've got planned in my head, ha , ha! I do have one to start the ball rolling so maybe that will inspire me.

As the weather was dire we sat around doing lots of chatting and eating!! But I did get the chance to take a photo of Dan's credit on a program he edited a while ago on the life of Carmen Miranda. He works as an Editor for BBC Wales and it's such a thrill to see his name on the credits I couldn't resist it.

Despite the awful weather we did take a stroll down to the Bay but as you can see from the pic the clouds are rolling in for another downpour. You can just see the top of the new Millenium Centre , a very impressive piece of modern architecture behind the red brick building, the name of which escapes me right now, but that's pretty impressive too!

My favourite place to visit when we go to Cardiff is the Craft in the Bay gallery . This is a superb showcase for members of The Makers Guild in Wales. Over the years that Dan has been in Wales it's always been a pilgrimage for me to go there, and this visit was particularly enjoyable as there were a lot of textile artists exhibiting. The other attraction is that they have an exceedingly good coffee shop with the most superb cakes and hot chocolate.

Having arrived home today thoroughly chilled out, the crowning glory to the weekend was a parcel waiting for me, thankfully taken by a neighbour, from Julie

What a fantastic surprise, it was my present for being the person chosen to receive something on her 100th post. My delightful little angel has immediately been christened Flora and I shall have great fun using the lovely fabric and yarn samples.

So thank you Dan, Sue and Julie for making this such a great weekend.


Julie said...

Hi Sharon. Your weekend in Cardiff looks great I really must visit there sometime. The Millenium Centre looks wonderful, so many photo opportunities.

The white fabric I enclosed with Flora (what a lovely name for her!) is Mulberry Bark. You can paint it with paints,inks, silk paints and when it is wet you can pull it apart to make it as loose a weave as you wish. It makes a lovely texture in a painting and I have meshed it onto felt with the embellisher. I'm sure there are other uses that I haven't discovered yet. (I think some people know it as Kozo).

Glad you liked my pressy. :)

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Never been to Cardiff even though my brother lives there.
I use mulberry bark a lot both the natural and the bleached. It dyes beautifully. There's a hanging using it on my website. I usually soak it and stretch it out - pinning it out until it dries - you can get a mixture of delicate and chunky in one piece.
I am presuming that GoLive is a web host???

chrissythreads said...

Hi Sharon,
The craft gallery looks great perhaps thats something the ERTF could lobby for somewhere.I seem to have my inernet back now so I'll get back to posting on my blog,

Micki said...

Hi Sharon, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment on my felted landscapes. I wish I could have stayed in the CG group too, but felt it best not to at this time.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow - what a fabulous weekend! And such a lovely long post. Your parcel of goodies looks very nice too.