Friday, 12 October 2007

I love Hobbycraft

At the beginning of this week I had planned to go to the K&S show in Ally Pally, but by yesterday my desire to spend £22 on the train and £10 to get in was definitely waning. So, not to be outdone I went to Hobbycraft in Southampton instead. What a treat! loads of people free aisles with lots of wonderful scrummy stuff to choose from and I hadn’t had to pay an entrance fee.

I took the photos of my work on the rusty gun doors (on my post ‘a grand day out’) and had a great time cruising up and down the aisles picking out the threads and paint etc. without getting sidetracked and seduced by things I didn’t need. I also bought the 3 canvases for my planned triptych for £19 in a set of 3, which I thought wasn’t bad for 16”x16”, deep sided.

I finished off my purchases with 2 delightful little 3D frames for £5.99 each, which will be used for our Christmas exhibition:info @

I don’t think the prices were exceptionally cheap, this little bundle cost me £60, but it was lovely to have everything under one roof and not have to pay an admission fee.

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chrissythreads said...

Hi Sharon,
Love the blog. Am off to Ally pally tomorrow primarily to get close up and personal with the Miao Textile pieces which I am studying for my degree module at the moment but no doubt will spend far too much as usual!
Just to let you know ERTF is coming along apace and we should have something with you by mid November. Chris Spencer