Wednesday, 3 October 2007


It was such a relief to see the sun this afternoon after a dismal morning that I decided it was time for some shed time. I have my wet area in a large shed at the end of the garden, reluctantly loaned to me by my husband, when he gave up wet film processing after the invention of the digital camera! So it has no natural light as it was a 'dark room', but it's a great haven to disappear into when I want to do something messy.

I wanted to take the silk paper idea a bit further so today I printed a lino cut onto the Mawata Hankie. I didn't know if it would work as the silk is so fluffy, but with a little care when removing the print it worked a treat. When it's dry I'll try incorporating some more embroidered leaves, only this time I'll stick to the deep burgundy colour that the leaves turn later this month.

Rather than waste the ink I printed some leaves onto mulberry paper, which took the print really well.

Finally I laid some tissue paper on the printing glass and took off the final layer of ink, which will be useful as a background for something else. So at the end of a morning at work I had a great afternoon 'sheheading', just to prove it's not only a man thing!


Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for adding me and welcome to bloggin. I do like the effects you're getting with trapping things in silk. Do you have an embellisher yet?

Hannah said...

I love that leaf print - gorgeous!