Saturday, 20 October 2007

Recording the process (rust triptych) 2

Having had a very interesting visit with my friend Carol, who is an accomplished embroiderer, I reallised that I hadn't finished the paper design for the complete tryptich, so after her input I turned the piece 45 degrees CCW and decided to split it into three.
I did this by photographing the paperwork, opening it in PS and putting three guide lines roughly where I wanted them. I then selected each selection and pasted it onto another page, slightly bigger than the original artwork.

After talking to Karen on the forum of FAMM I decided to just look at the shapes in thumbnails and see if that helped to get an idea of how the tryptich might look, especially as I wanted to make the design sqaure, because I had originally wanted it to fit a 16"x16" canvas, but turning what was now a rectangular design into a square wasn't working.

I finally decided to go back to the computer and my favourite piece of software, Photoshop. I created a new page in a square format and pasted on a small piece of one of the tryptich designs. I then scaled this to fit the background and pasted on one design. To soften the edges and give the feeling of a soft textile, like organza, I put on the liquify filter, so this is the design for my first tryptich piece, I think.

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chrissythreads said...

Hi Sharon,
your piece looks very interesting - I wish we got more time to bring things to a conclusion on the degree course, we always seem to be producing sketchbooks, samples and essays. I love your cabinet- I'm not a machine embroiderer but use my embellisher a lot - I'll put a picture of my sewing area on my blog sometime to make you laugh!