Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Recording the process (rust triptych) 1

As I seem to have quite a difficult time starting a new project I thought it might be a good idea to record the process of development on my latest piece of work. I want to create a triptych using 3; 16"x 16" deep canvases and incorporating mixed art media with textiles. My inspiration is rust, as mentioned in my post, "A grand day out".

I have started with a small canvas, which will act as a sample to try out ideas. I've made a start by using the imagery I worked out in my sketch book and using acrylic. This has handled a lot differently to the Luma inks I used on the watercolour paper and I have therefore had to mix up new colours to try and match the original paperwork, but this did remind me how much I enjoy experimenting with colour mixing to find just the right match, a hangover from my textile print studies.

Next I painted some bondaweb with acrylic, trying to match the colours and textures of the rust. I ironed this onto white silk organza, as it was the nearest fabric I could find to replicate the tissue paper I used on the paperwork. It worked very well especially with a hint of metallic paint. But the next thing is going to be "how do I stitch this to achieve the texture of rust?”
I did another one of these bondaweb samples to give myself more pieces to work with and try different colour ways.

As I still had acrylic left over I decided to paint some scrim to see if that gave me any ideas, so I suppose when these samples are dry I will have to venture into stitch! Always a tricky moment for me as I usually quite like the piece as it is without adding any stitch.

This is completely new to me, as I’ve never painted a canvas before, but I was pleased that it felt comfortable, so I’m just going to try and go with the flow on this one and let the process develop naturally.

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Linda said...

Thanks for taking the time out to record the process (I never remember to have the camera to hand). People often post inspirationa nd end product but it's great to see the journey in between!