Thursday, 13 December 2007

All sorts

Have just managed to get some creative time, at last, today!! I have been working on the January post card for the Calendar Girls group which I was very honoured to be invited to join recently! Can't say more at the moment as the post card is in it's very early stages but I will post up my progress on the CG blog as I go along.

In lieu of my creative efforts I thought you might like to see my OH's account of his 'robin family watch', which he has recorded on his web site. It is a beautifully illustrated account of a pair of robins who decided to make a nest, in our tin bath that hangs on the shed, and subsequently bring up their brood. It took him an inordinate amount of patience, but the results were well worth the wait as I think you'll agree.

While visiting our local FC Visitors Centre yesterday to collect our Christmas tree, we popped into the shop for a hot drink. I'd noticed their lovely selection of jewellery and this time I was lucky enough to meet Nikki, the designer. I thought you might like to see some of her work on her web site. Isn't that just a gorgeous name, Dragonfly Dreams.

Finally , we put the tree up this evening and as Ben was here for a visit he helped us dress it, and what a good job he did too. I've got Christmas decs in almost every room !! I hope he's here when they have to come down :-)


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Just had a look at Mike's site and what a superb record - wonderful photos.
Well done Ben - I have that pleasure to come with my grandson Calum. We don't put up decorations until after his birthday.
Thanks for the birthday wishes - I'll pass them on.

Doreen G said...

Hi Sharon I have also just had a look at mikes wonderful site --he has captured the whole business superbly.

Julie said...

Mike's done an amazing job with those robins. They're one of my favourite birds (along with blackbirds for their song, owls, kites, swans,kingfishers......) Ben's efforts with the tree look great! Can you send him up here to do mine? LOL